Saturday, December 3, 2011

Making the stable connection

 Its like one of those movies that starts with the ending scene. I put together a "Shield" for the Boarduaino to connect the motor drivers. Now its one step further away from looking so ghetto. Unfortunately one of the shafts of the steppers is slightly bent. Its not something I've noticed before so I'm pretty bummed. Never the less I'm hoping that its not enough to matter with helical cut motor couplers. 

I'm weird about symmetry so three motor connectors just wouldn't work. Which is cool because I have four stepper drivers to. Maybe one day Ill incorporate a fourth axis. For now its just a spare connector on the proto board since there's no designated pin for a fourth axis in the GRBL config file.

 There are 4 pins required to run each of the stepper drivers. 2 ground pins, a STEP pin, and a DIR pin. Its complicated to route the wiring on the bottom of the proto board without making it look like a rats nest. A finger nail clipper makes a great wire cutter. Its easy to handle and if you have a hang nail its good for that too. :-)

Here's a picture of the final wiring on the underside of the proto board. It's all pretty close but there's no shorts. The wiring will be hidden in the end when the whole thing is mounted in the computer case.

Hopefully Ill get a chance to connect this all back to the table later this week. Ive got some finals and a proposal to give to the Biosystems Engineering Department. Here's a couple pictures for you interwebians.

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