Friday, May 25, 2012

Found a couple spare moments!

Man, I uploaded these pictures from my phone to an unpublished blog post back in March.... Its now May if you haven't noticed. They need to hit the web though. This is a 3" interlocking cube that I designed with an interference fit. It worked and it also taught me that the Geko drive needs a cooling source or it will begin to skip steps. When I say cooling source I really mean a box fan that I put under it.

Ive forgotten what all Ive talked about on here but this is the newest purchase and build that Ive done to the CNC. Its a Porter router and DIY mount that works very well. I still have the mount for the smaller Rotozip router. I'm hoping to be able to use the smaller setup to make PCBs but I haven't been successful yet but that's mainly due to a couple of variables I will go into more detail in a later post.

In the upcoming weeks Ive got a new project I would like to start tossing around in CAD. I'm thinking about designing a boomerang. I used to make them by hand when I was young and this sounds fairly simple. I also have some pictures to throw up of a bio-reactor that I designed and cut out for work.. That design may have alternate uses in future projects. All in all, now that graduation is over, school it out, and my internship at ORNL just ended, I should have a nice amount of free time on my hands.

Ive also registered the CNC on Thats a cool site that allows you to register your CNC so others can contact you with project ideas. Pretty cool. That's it for now. Go build something.

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