Monday, August 29, 2011

This post has NOTHING to do with zombies

Due to the fact that I stopped working on my CNC...and got rid of my old phone it...and stopped using my old blog anyway, it only seems right to get rid of said blog and start a new one. One with much more Google love. One with an Android app. So here it is. Feast your eyes on the new and awesomer (<-- not a real word) blog with a great view directly into the depths of my mind. Not only is this a VIP pass to the projects setting in my laboratory or my workshop its a channel for you to learn from me and my mistakes.

First off lets get a project started. I just bought a whole crap ton of this...

That's extruded aluminum for you uneducated people. Its the building blocks of the adult erector set. Sadly there wont be any bacon in this post either but if its bacon you were looking for you'd be over on youtube watching epic meal time so back to the project.

Basically the failures of my past attempt at building a CNC machine could be summed up in several things....well one. Hand tools are not very accurate in my hands. Ive performed a lot of things with hand tools. Anything from hanging drywall to cutting the frame of a truck to add air ride so Im pretty capable of most tasks. But cutting a perfectly straight line for 48 inches is just as hard as it looks using a skill saw. This is where the T-Slot (extruded aluminum) comes in to play. Its straight and easy to tweek if its not perpendicular.Its cheap enough to get in mass quantities from eBay and hopefully easy to work with. That point will be determined when it gets here in the next week or two.

Keep a look out for other posts pertaining to a couple arduino projects Ive got going on and possibly the rooting of an EVO 3D.


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