Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow...No really...Wow

Alright in my research (time wasting between classes) Ive been scouring great reasource. Couldnt say enough about it. Ive been a member since 2008 when my ideals of making a CNC were just that...ideas. Not deep pits to try to and make money bridges over.

I know you like that. I just made that one up.

Any way I ran across a link, which I found a link in, which led me to some other page, that eventually led me to this internet win.

That link there is internet gold and its going down in the history books...well at least the history books of my blog.  Anyway for you lazy people out there it's basically a picture book of the build Im about to start. It includes everything. How to assemble it. Which way the screws should face. The common pitfalls.

Speaking of pitfalls, as a DIYer I sometimes find myself in one when I over estimate my ability. A story about trying to build a crap ton of iPod audio out connectors comes to mind where I found out my soldering skills were less than I had needed at the time. With this being said I was thinking about buying my own steel plate in order to save another hundred bucks.

Hey, How hard can it be to drill a couple holes and a hundred bucks brews a lot of beer (BTW I brew beer as another one of my hobbies).

Now I may still do this but in addition to my own personal second thoughts the author of the aforementioned article laments several time about his decision in not purchasing the pre-drilled steel. Now with that in mind, I do have possible access to the Biosystems engineering departments machine shop....maybe...hopefully.

More to come as this unfolds but be on the lookout for pictures of a 50" UPS box on my front door any day now cause Im notorious for asking people to guess whats in boxes delivered to my house. It could be anything. Truck parts, Arduino junk, Hiking gear, or even the occasional **insert something crazy here**

As always, have nice day
^^Completely stolen from FPS russia

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